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Laboratory services

Water Bath, Turbidity meter, Desiccators, Thermometer, Centrifuge, pH Meter, Oil and Grease Detection Set, Analytical Electronic Balance 0.1 mg (Shimadzu) (Cap.200g) Shimadzu 0.01g (300g),Chemical Balance 2.0g (Cap. 500 g), Gooch Crucible & vacuum pump assembly for suspended solids, 0.01 mg balance required for 2.5 µ particulate matter

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), Spectrophotometer, Gas-Liquid Chromatograph (GC), Hot Air Oven, Distillation Unit, Heating Mantles, Magnetic stirrers, COD Digestion Apparatus (Air Reflux-15 nos. units), Bomb Calorimeter, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter, Flame Photometer, Conductivity Meter, Muffle Furnace, Filtration Assembly, Fluoride Distillation Assembly, Cyanide Distillation Assembly, Ammonia Distillation Assembly, Kjeldahl Nitrogen Assembly, Distilled Water Unit, Arsenic Estimation Assembly (Gutzeit Generator), Semi-micro Nitrogen Estimation Assembly, Vacuum Filtration Pump, Phenol Distillation Assembly, Hot Plate.

Fish Pond aerator, BOD Incubator, Plankton Net, Niskin type Depth Water Sampler, Peterson Grab mud sampler.

Auto Clave, Laminar Air Flow, Dissection Microscope, Bacteriological Incubator.

High Volume Sampler (HVS), Respiratory Particulate Matter Sampler (PM10, PM2.5 Sampler), Orifice Kit For calibration for High Volume sampler (HVS), Handy Sampler.

Global Positioning System GPS (Garmin Make, Model – e Trex).

Stack Monitoring Kits, ORSAT for Gas Analysis, Spectrophotometer, VOC meter, flue gas analyzer for CO2, O2 etc

Continuous online Weather Logger with graphic capability, SODAR for Inversion monitoring, Wind Anemometer, Maximum and Minimum Thermometers, Dry and Wet Thermometers, Hygrometer, Aneroid Barometer, Wind vanes, Svenson’s screen, Automatic Rain Gauge Weather Logger, Noise Level Meter.

Sieve Analysis Test, Permeability, Porosity, Water Holding Capacity, Instruments for various chemical/physical analysis, cation exchange capacity

Vacuum pump, Vacuum pump (flame proof), Hearing mantles, Glass ware for detection of hazardous chemicals like Cyanide, Nickel and Chromium.

Keen Apparatus, Permeability Apparatus, Core Cutters.

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