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Enviro Legal Services

  • 1 SEC renders assistance in obtaining Enviro-Legal clearances
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) i.e. Consent to Establish (CtE),
    • Consent to Operate (CTO),
    • Consent under Water Act, 1974,
    • Consent under Air Act, 1981,
    • Authorization for Hazardous wastes (Management &Handling Rules –1989), framed under EP Act, 1986.
    • Environmental Statement (Form V)
    • Hazardous Waste related details (Form III and Form IV)
    • Water Cess
  • 2 Environmental Clearance from MoEF and SEAC
  • 3 CRZ Clearance
  • 4 CGWA permissions
  • 5 Compliance Report preparation for Environmental Clearances, Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate
  • 6 Reply for Revocation of closure
  • 7 Compliance to Factories Act, MPCB/CPCB guideline, EPA, MoEF, EHS System requirement followed by the company
  • 8 Environmental Audit
    • Environmental Auditing is a management tool comprising of a systematic, documented; periodic and objective evaluation of how well the environment management systems are performing with the aim of waste prevention and reduction, assessing compliance with regulations, facilitating control of environmental practices by company’s management, and placing environmental information in the public domain.
    • Environmental Audits are carried out under “The Scheme for Environmental Audit of Industries manufacturing Specified Products” stated in Schedule-I & II as per the Hon. High Court order.
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